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Travel to Seatle with some goods

Worried about my goods in my truck , I listen my own music , and hoping they will be as heathy as me .

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Auction online for something

When I clean up my personal stuffs , I find a lot of waste (Just for myself…) , such as Avater Blue-ray DVD. So I am planning to take an auction online. I do not have an Ebay Account , … Continue reading

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Planning to change my phone to 08 number

Since mobile is more and more popular in recent daily life, besides seeking for a smart phone, such as iphone, HTC or Palm, we also need a wonderful phone number! In fact, I am planning to change my phone now … Continue reading

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Have you hear about Singing Bowl?

Crystal Quartz Singing Bowlis a mysterous stuff for me , I saw one from the home of one of my friends. and there seems to be a story behind it

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How to choose a better Coffee Bean

When I get home today, my wife is so excited to claim how much she gain in the “Housewife Tainging Team” (Never ask me what it is. This may be some crazy wifes gethered in some place and exchange house … Continue reading

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Panda Activation Email arrived , and My blog will be updated in following days

I have received the Email That I mentioned in this post to activate the Panda Internet Security 2010 . and the folowing is the picture of the Email . So the promotion is true of course , and I hope … Continue reading


Simplest wiki about Instant Coffee

As my son keep asking some questiones on Coffee for his homework, I have to wiki and wiki for information on Coffee , especially instant Coffee. And since I have gather some, why not publish and share with you all.

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How to choose a Social Media agency and why you need one

Social Media Agency, unlike public relations firms that aim at looking at social media as another way to distribute press releases, or search engine optimization firms that look at social media as a way to boost page rank, Some new

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A successful website need a mature social Media Agency

These days, we are planning to invest on our new website. But it is still under consideration, and we have nothing to share about this idea by now. What we can say is just that our new site will be … Continue reading

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Playing backgammon with my cousin

This weekend, I will spend sometime with my aunt and uncle. Among all the leisure games,

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