Dotcom-Monitor – External Website Monitoring Service

Last month is really a harmful month for me and all aebeta readers since we experienced a long down time of aeBeta owing to our server provider’s business. No debt that uptime is really a big deal for webmasters. And that’s why we need website monitoring service.

Dotcom-Monitor is among theseĀ website monitoring services, which allows you to monitor your server uptime. And the usage is rather easy with only a web application monitoring installing. The monitoring server is allocated more than 14 spots all around the world, so that you can get the total monitoring data. Furthermore, you can learn more about the load speed.

In fact, we have several methods of monitoring websites, such as the easiest way – PING., although I have no exact idea on how Dotcom-Monitor make this.

Especially for those who runs online shopping business, one minute downtime means one minute loss. And I think all of you, who run online business, will need this kind of monitoring services.


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