How to burn a .ISO file of Linux to Disc correctly

I don’t think it a complex thing to burn normal data disc for you if your burner and its driver have been setup correctly. today, I will tell you something about how to burn/record a .iso file to a disc . Especially the iso file of Linux system ! OK, let’s go:

Firstly , No matter it’s a linux Image file or just something else you downloaded form the web, you need a burn software and find out the function with the key word “Burn image files” ! there’re quite a lot of choices for you whatever system you are using !

Under Linux , such as Ubuntu and OpenSUSE ,  you can use K3B  (KDE) or Brasero (Gnome) , if you are a MacOS X or upper , in the Finder, open the Go menu and select Utilities. In the Utilities folder you will find an application called Disk Utility. Open it, then drag and drop the downloaded ISO image in to the left hand sidebar. Select the image, click Burn and insert your CD/DVD. Well, maybe most of you are Windows user ,your choice seems more numerous , I recommendded you a software called CD Burner XP  (never beleive the rumor that you can’t use it in Vista 😛 .To use this , you may need .NET Framework 2.0 installed first in Windows XP  )

Well, if that’s all , why do I separate Linux ISO file alone to tell you ?  Because if you are a Nero 9 user , you may find it iccorrect when you check the media using the function of Linux disc itself !  The trouble lies in the fact Nero set “track at once” as default when burning an ISO file . Just turn it to “disc at once”  ! That will be all right now .

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