How to choose a free Link exchange provider

I think it no reason I should waste of time to explain how important the link exchange is. On one side, there is some relationships with Google PR, whicle sometimes, we just wanna more back links to drive traffic from our partner sites. However, there is few link exchange providers who will serve it for free.
So free link exchange will be a treasure for us, webmasters.

And most of time, Link exchange exists as an advertisemnet program. For example, link exchange banners are downloaded from the exchange. A monitor on the exchange determines, from referral information supplied by web browsers, how many times a member web site has displayed the banner advertisements of other members, and credits that member with a number of displays of its banner on some other member’s web site. Link exchanges usually operate on a 2:1 ratio, such that for every two times a member shows a second member’s banner advertisement, that second member displays the first member’s banner advertisement.

As one coin has two sides, link exchanges have advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of those using the World Wide Web for marketing. On the one hand, they have the advantages of bringing in a highly targeted readership (for link exchanges where all members of the exchange have similar web sites), of increasing the “link popularity” of a site with Web search engines, and of being relatively stable methods of hyperlinking. On the other hand, they have the disadvantages of potentially distracting visitors away to other sites before they have fully explored the site that the original link was on

So if you wanna decide whether or not to deploy a link exchange program, following tips may give you some advice:
• Banners that are animated images result in member web sites taking a long time to load. Some companies impose restrictions on animation lengths.
• The size, in bytes, of a banner is important, affecting both how long it takes to load and how long it takes to render the web site displaying the banner.
• Control over the subjects of advertisements is important. Some companies offer guarantees that advertisements will be restricted to certain subjects, will not include advertisements for pornography, and so forth.
• Companies that provide mechanisms to design banners for webmasters often use automated facilities, where the generated banner design is not reviewed by a human being.

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