Free Web Hosting Space List 2010/05/31

[ad#FreeListTop]I haven’t updated this topic for some days. In this list, I will show you some precious free web hosting resources so that home users and web developing starters can become webmasters at no risk before they become professional ones. Please don’t abuse such free resources, and moreover, if you treasure their work, please denote some bucks or purchase their premium plan.

The resource format is Space Room/Traffic Monthly/PHP or ASP/MySQL or MSSQL/Panel(cPanel or vPanel)/FTP(if Support)/Domain(you can use your own domain)



* No Ads what so ever
* Domain names supported
* FrontPage extensions supported

We offer the following…
Freebie Plan

* 200MB Web Space
* 1024MB (1GB) Bandwidth
* 5x Features (subdomains, ftp, etc…)
* cPanel
* No Ads
1 Post to Order – 0 Post a Month

Freedom Plan

* 2048mb (2GB) Space Web Space
* 5120mb (5GB) Bandwidth
* Unlimited Features (subdomains, ftp, etc…)
* cPanel
* No Ads
10 Post to Order – 15 Post a Month

Reseller Hosting

* 5120mb (5GB) Web Space
* 10240mb (10GB) Bandwidth
* Unlimited Features (subdomains, ftp, etc…)
* cPanel
* No Ads
10 Post to order – 20 post a Month
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List of packages


Quota (MB)#500MB
Bandwidth (MB)#5GB
Max FTP Accounts#5
Max Email Accounts#5
Max Email Lists#5
Max Databases#5
Max Sub Domains#5
Max Parked Domains#5
Max Addon Domains#5

Quota (MB)#1GB
Bandwidth (MB)#10GB
Max FTP Accounts#10
Max Email Accounts#10
Max Email Lists#10
Max Databases#10
Max Sub Domains#10
Max Parked Domains#10
Max Addon Domains#10

Quota (MB)#2GB
Bandwidth (MB)#20GB
Max FTP Accounts#20
Max Email Accounts#20
Max Email Lists#20
Max Databases#20
Max Sub Domains#20
Max Parked Domains#20
Max Addon Domains#20

Quota (MB)#3GB
Bandwidth (MB)#30GB
Max FTP Accounts#30
Max Email Accounts#30
Max Email Lists#30
Max Databases#30
Max Sub Domains#30
Max Parked Domains#30
Max Addon Domains#30
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Free VPS – 512RAM/25GB HD/30Mbit Unmetered

We at Ruby Ring Technologies have been working in the hosting field now since 1996 (Under a Different Name) and have built up a solid reputation in the Shared and Dedicated Server Field.
We are now really wanting to push our VPS offerings. However as we all know, there are many good and solid providers out there and like any other business the compition is huge.
So what that in mind, we want to give away a few VPS’s to help spread and promote our services.

These are the VPS configuration we are giving out.

* 1 CPU Core 2.8Ghz – Multiple Core Servers
* 512 MB RAM
* 25 GB Hard Drive Space
* 30Mbit Unmetered Bandwidth (9900 GB’s) ** Almost 10TB’s of Bandwidth !!
* 1 Static IP Address
* 99.9% Uptime
* Full Root Access
* Full SSH Support
* Full Reboot, Reload, and OS Changes (Unlimited)
* Free 24×7 Online Support
* Choice of CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Suse
* All Servers have 1Gbps NIC’s
* Plus More !
* Learn More
So what is the catch?
The catch is pretty simple you must apply for this offer, and meet the following guidelines.

* Not be a VPS provider already.
* Were not just giving away a VPS because you want one.
* We want clients that are going to use the bandwidth, use the VPS, make things happen.
* We don’t care what you want to use the VPS for, as long as it is legal, you can host sites, stream videos, sell porn, you name it.

The biggest items that we are looking for are as follows.
In 3 months, we are going to ask for a full on write up of our services, a nice more then one paragraph review of our services. Something that we can post and talk about.
Be honest, stay legal, and most of all enjoy our services.

To apply for this a chance at one of the free vps offers here. Please send an email me with at least the following reasons.
Why you want this VPS.
What are you going to use it for.
Your Domain Name.
Anything else you can think of that would help us choose you.

We are only giving away a few of these, and no were not going to give them all away tonight.

If you have any questions please post them in here so everybody can see.

Thank you,

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We are proud to announce the launch of our free web hosting services. We will regularly be adding exciting features. Stay tuned!
Here’s a brief overview of account features:
* 1 Gb of free web space
* 10 Gb bandwith
* Php5, SQL support
* Pre-installed scripts
* Incredible support
* Powerful server network
* No forced ads
* Free website tools
* Great neighborhood
* Instant activation
* Add your own domain
* and so much more…
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