Celebrate my new Blu Ray Player – SONY BDP-S480

In my old posts, I have given you guys many coupons and options to choose a Blue Ray Software no matter it is a burner toolkit or a Blu ray player (have a search to view all).  But in fact, watching Blue Ray in PC has many limitations, such as loss of 3D effect and Screen size limit. So this weekend, I and Katherine (My wife) decided to buy a Blue Ray Player in stead, and of course, it’s not software any more.[ad#PostRight]

After searching for a while, It seems that SONY BDP-S480 is the winner of this field (or more exactly to say, it is the most suitable one for us:) ).  OK, if you must know, the full name of this player is SONY BDP-S480 3D BLU RAY DISC PLAYER, which fully support HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc discs , 3D effect and advanced Home LAN feature included as well. More details have been listed in its official site, please have a look yourself.

OK, online shopping really deep research to better learn the price and I know you guys want me to compare prices between different popular online stores just like I did in my other posts.  According to my experience, following online stores are my favorites which I would like more to compare among them.

Reseller Price
1staudiovisual £134.00
Amazon £149.99
247electrical N/A
991 £159
ajelectronics £145.00

So, as you can see, 1staudiovisual is the most budget one (And it is my final choice as well.).Fine, you may have another contrast between other alternatives like Philips BDP7600/12 3D Blu-ray player. I can tell you some tips: you can have a check on Price Comparison Websites so that you can get the results directly without any inconvenience.

Before I end my posts, to celebrate my new Blue Ray Player, I wanna give away two licenses of Alcohol 120% Bule-Ray Burner to the earliest comment visitors. If you wanna them, leave a comment as soon as you can. I will sent the registration code to your Emails.

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7 Responses to Celebrate my new Blu Ray Player – SONY BDP-S480

  1. Lucas | #1

    Wow, New Blue Ray player~ My old one does not support LAN and maybe it’s time to have a change?

    And Thank you for your Alcohol license. Waiting for your Email;p

  2. jashua | #2

    Fine, It seems that I still have the chance to get your give away gift~

  3. Thomas | #3

    Sony is fine and suitable for most of people.

  4. donny | #4

    new technology from sony, i like it… 🙂

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