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Will the Kinect sale better than iPad? Tsunoda said yes!

Currently in Japan,  Kudo Tsunoda, the 2010 TGS Microsoft Kinect Program spokesman, said that the sales and development for the Kinect showed full confidence, and before the network for some of the above,  rumors give the answer. First Tsunoda sales … Continue reading

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Kaspersky Lab Release Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky is never the lightest weight security software , but one of the most powerful ones. In fact, in my view, Kaspersky optimize quite a lot since the version of 2009, which will lossen your system’s burden. As usual , … Continue reading

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Avira Antivirus 10 released

I have found this news several days ago , however , I saw nothing chaged in Avira’s official site . So I have to ignore this . But it is true that Avira is upgrading its all antivirus products to … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 9.10 has been released

I will be glad to hear that  “it’s not news any more !” comes out from your mouth when You see my title  . Maybe I have posted too much about how to get an security software for free in  … Continue reading

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Free 6 months Kaspersky Antivus 2010 Activation Key for Everyone !

I won’t waste our time on explaining on what is Kaspersky , and I ‘ll directly lead you to the the new promotion from its official site . And this time , Kaspersky’s Parnter is MSN China . Only if … Continue reading


Microsoft has just announced the Windows 7 Retail and upgrade prices !

Windows 7 is quite a wonderful edition of Microsoft windows since Windows xp was released . Even it’s still in RC steps , it won a lot of attentions from both users and Enterprise . And Today , Microsoft has … Continue reading

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The Best free firewall ? A new result of Firewall testing from Matousec!

Never believe what I write in the topic , there is no best at all . every security product has its own advantage . So there is no testing can really place their rank but can only be a reference … Continue reading

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