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After using for several weeks, you are tired with your PC. So is the RAM of it ! The direct feeling is that the speed of your PC has been slowed down obviously. So that’s why we need to optimize your RAM and make it fresh! [ad#PostRight]

What Is Fresh RAM?

If you’re like most of us, after a while your computer starts behaving like the über drunk guy at your cousin’s wedding. Movies stutter and skip, video games turn into slideshows, and web pages load like molasses.

Why the drunken display? It’s because all of the applications you have running eat away at available system memory, refusing to release all of it even when you quit them.

By optimizing the ways in which your system and applications are utilizing memory, Fresh RAM can boost your computer’s performance, helping you avoid the costly expense of hardware upgrades!

Don’t let Fresh RAM’s friendly and intuitive interface fool you. Underneath those easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs lies an engine of complex memory analysis algorithms that allow you to balance speed and effectiveness and run memory optimizations that will have all your applications running like butter. Combine these optimizations with the included Windows XP tweaks and your machine will run just as fast as it did the day it rolled off the assembly line!

Curious about which of your apps eat the most memory? Fresh RAM’s Process RAM Usage Identifier shows you the biggest memory hogs, while automatic memory optimization options free up memory when you need it most.

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