Get SoftMaker Office 2008, alternative to MS Office for free

It seems that office toolkits are the most important parts besides Operating system itself. And just as what we do in daily life, the first thing we do after we bought a laptop or PC is to install a Office Software, such as Microsoft Office. But since there is few freeware alternative to Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003, we may need cost a lot on importing the Office Toolkits. And Today, I may introduce you another alter , SoftMaker Office 2008. Moreover, I will show you the Promotion from official site, so that you can get one license for free instead of $39US.[ad#PostRight]

OK, the promoting idea may come with the holiday, but you may notice that there is newer version coming out – SoftMaker Office 2010. So why not give away the version 2008 for free?

Software: SoftMaker Office 2008

Language: Multilingual

Installer size: 58.8 MB

System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Linux

Official Site:

Download Link:

Promotion URL:

To get the license is quite simple,  what you need is just to fill a form and check your Email. About this Office Toolkits, I have little to say. After all, I haven’t installed this software yet. But from the reviewing from my friends, I really think it worthy having a try.

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