Wondershare Time Freeze Give Away For free in Limited Time

In recent years, Antivirus suite has lost its dominated position on protecting users’ PC security. Instead, more and more people choose to a Backup & Restore software to quickly switch between different status point. This idea has been there for many years since Symentic Ghost is popular , and then Microsoft Windows support the backup and restore function inside. I have use several similiar software , such as freeware like Comodo Time Machine. I have to say , it is quite a remarkable one. And now , WonderShare is giving away its Time Freeze (Worth $39) for free , and this offer is time limited.
Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective system protection tool to keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious threats. It puts the actual system under protection and creates a virtual environment for system partition, on which you run applications and surf the internet. All traces and malicious threats will disappear after reboot. You can also save changes to the actual system.

Supported Platform: 32-bit of Windows 7 / XP / Vista / 2000

» Prevent threats of any viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans.
» Eliminates cost for regular system maintenance.
» Surf internet safely, and play around with computer with NO trace left.
» Protect your privacy effectively.
» Reboot to restore your system to its original state.

Check in this page about how to use !

The Promotion Page is here:http://www.disk-utilities.com/time-freeze/index.html

just enter your Email and Name , you will get a License!

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