Register a .COM domain as low as $4.39 US dollars From Namesilo

Thanks to Eric from Namesilo for the coupon info submitting. These days, Bob Parsons ( From Godaddy)  released the video of killing elephants, and the dark side soonly affect the world. People who love animals should stand out to defend it. And as for other domain registrars, they released much lower prices to help users register or transfer their domain out of Godaddy. And today, namesilo just released their latest coupons which can make you register a new .com domain or tansfer your courrent ones as low as 4,39 US dollar.[ad#PostRight]

OK, as I have mentioned about, I will list the coupon and the info below,

Register/ Transfer you domain as low as 4.39 US dollar:

  • Coupon info:Discount: $4 off any registration or transfer order (so a .com domain registration would only be $4.39)
  • Coupon Code:whybobwhy(Go to register!)
  • Limit:
    • April 7, 2011
    • 1 time per user
    • 100 total redemptions

And Also More coupon is available as well!

  • Code: elephantlove(Go to register!)
    • Discount: 25% off any transfer order over $100
    • Expires: April 7, 2011
    • 1 time per user
    • 100 total redemptions

Here are the other current coupon codes that are active for us:

  • 5DOLLARCOM(Go to register!)
    • Allows 1 .com registration for $5
    • Can only be used once per user
  • 10COUP(Go to register!)
    • 10% off any registration or transfer order over $20
    • Can be used 4 times per user


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