Avira Antivirus 10 released

I have found this news several days ago , however , I saw nothing chaged in Avira’s official site . So I have to ignore this . But it is true that Avira is upgrading its all antivirus products to new version 10 . And finally , my Avira Security Suite noticed me that new version of 10 need a reboot to take into effect . I know , Avira Personal is one of the most famous free antivirus solutions to home users (others concludes AVG and Avast) . The new version of Avira improve its UI and added Cloud Tech into its products .

In this post , I will show you some screenshots and its official announcement first and maybe later , I will tell you more about changes and improvements in details .
Official Announce is listed below, and as I have said , in this version , you have to focus your attention to two points : 1. The New UI and 2. Cloud Technology

Avira AntiVir Version 10
Version 10 of Avira AntiVir adds cloud-based detection to the proven IT security solution; introduces single-click malware removal

Tettnang, 23 March 2010 – IT security expert Avira is enabling its 100 million-plus users to become active virus fighters by introducing cloud-based virus detection and prevention with the latest generation of its anti-virus software, Avira AntiVir Version 10. New protective cloud technology detects and immobilizes new viruses as soon as they appear in the wild – helping to stop the spread of malware in its tracks.

Cloud-based virus detection adds a fourth dimension to the heuristic, generic and pattern-based protection methods in Avira AntiVir Version 10, released today. Avira Community users are able to voluntarily help increase detection rates by submitting suspect files for examination. Version 10, available immediately, also introduces generic repair for damage that may be caused by new variants of viruses and malware.

Key innovations in Avira AntiVir Version 10:

* Behavior-based protection with AntiVir ProActiv
* Enhanced security, thanks to shared intelligence on emerging viruses from the 100 million-plus strong Avira Community
* Generic repair of registry data and infected files
* Express installation, transparent user interface, slide-up virus information with one-click removal feature
* Parental Control feature in the Avira AntiVir Suite, including control over Internet surfing hours

New ProActiv technology is also introduced in the Premium and Professional editions of Version 10 of Avira AntiVir. This adds an extra layer of protection by introducing analysis of programs’ behavior patterns to help detect malware in addition to heuristic and scanning methods. Threats can be eliminated immediately by blocking suspicious programs.

Avira AntiVir Version 10 users who join the Avira AntiVir ProActiv Community benefit from even more protection, as members can run an advanced check on suspicious files: one-click reporting allows these to be sent to Avira’s security experts for analysis.

The new version of Avira AntiVir also cleans up after as-yet-undetected viruses: its generic repair feature searches for any residual data and removes this from the hard disk and registry after an infection has been detected – helping to remove traces that may otherwise allow a PC to become compromised.

Avira makes it easier to handle viruses
The revised Avira AntiVir user interface provides a better overview of available features in the security solution. Color coding is used to provide a simple at-a-glance overview of system health: green means everything is OK and red signals that user attention is required. Slide-ups are deployed when the real-time scanner detects a problem. These are discreet information boxes that slide up in the corner of the screen. Malware findings are displayed in a summary report and access to suspect files is blocked automatically, making it impossible to accidentally run infected files.

“Our antivirus solutions minimize our users’ malware worries and maximize their PC security. It is very important to us that our solutions should be even more user-friendly,” says Travis Witteveen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Avira. “We are also making online life easier for parents by including Parental Controls the AntiVir Suite that provide more powerful tools to protect their children while surfing the net – for example by allowing them to monitor what there are doing and seeing online, and by defining surfing times and days.”

Avira introduces three new editions of Avira AntiVir Version 10. The company continues to provide Avira AntiVir Personal – Free antivirus at no cost to users. More extensive security solutions are also available: Avira AntiVir Premium, costing Euro 19.95 per year, uses WebGuard to filter out malware before it reaches the web browser, while MailGuard stops harmful mail in its tracks. Avira Premium Security Suite adds a firewall to prevent net-based attacks, plus parental control, anti-spam and backup functions, and costs Euro 39.95 per year.

All editions of the new version are available for free download from Avira’s online shop. Existing current subscribers to the full version will receive a free upgrade to Version 10.
About Avira

Avira GmbH is a leading global provider of IT security solutions for professional and private use. With over twenty years of experience, the company is one of the pioneers in this field. As a founder member of the “IT Security made in Germany” association (ITSMIG e.V.), Avira has guaranteed that it will only provide IT security products that leave no room for data espionage.”

The German IT security expert has its headquarters in Tettnang on Lake Constance and maintains several offices throughout the world. Avira employs around 300 people and its free Avira AntiVir Personal antivirus protection represents a significant contribution towards security and is used by over 100 million private users.

The domestic and international clientele is formed by well known companies listed on the stock exchange, many small and medium-sized companies, as well as educational establishments and government authorities. Apart from protecting the virtual environment, Avira promotes the Auerbach Foundation for greater security in the real world. The Auerbach Foundation supports charitable and social projects, as well as art, culture and science.


A new notice icon :

A new UI :

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