Free Mamutu 3.0 licenses for limited time

It is really a long time that I haven’t update news on promotions of Antivirus Software. Since many of you are emailing me to post some, and today by the way, I found that GAOTD is giving away free Mamutu 3.0 (The latest version!) to their vistors, I think it a good post to tell you about this news. As you can learn, Mamutu” is composed from the words “Malware” and “Mutu”. The second word comes from the Maori language and means “stop”. The name may sound funny but it describes exactly what the program does: Terminate all types of Malware. In fact, it is one of my favorite anti-malware software, and many people say it works.
Promotion URL:

Limitation: 1 day only.

Features and Functions:

  • Monitors live all active programs for dangerous behavior (Behavior Blocking).
  • Recognizes new and unknown Trojans, Worms and Viruses (Zero-Day attacks), without daily updates.
  • Small but very powerful. Saves resources and does not slow the PC down.

I just remember that I have posted something related to this so just check it here.

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    Nice post, but I can’t see the image, please fix it.

  2. I genuinely appreciate the way you can teach and accomplish it in ways that’s like a story. It’s quite difficult to read through most blog content that are highly complex when most folks don’t understand the information. Thanks for the time you are taking to create these posts.

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