Comodo Online Storage Free 5GB Online Storage

Comodo Online StorageYou must familiar with Comodo since their free firewall product is so popular among PC users no matter you are a normal user or an advanced one. But today, I would like to share with you another service from Comodo. Comodo Online Storage is as its name mentioned. It is just another online storage solution, which will provide you 5GB online storage with cloud technology driving.

If you are using other alternatives like Dropbox or SugarSync. It is much easier for you to use Comodo. Web manager is available for you to upload and manage your files. but it is recommended to use its desktop client so that you can synchronize your files and folders.


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  1. Alfonso Meikle | #1

    As with any “mission critical system” one would be wise to have redundancy. Those that put full faith in any one thing will reep the consequences. Really doesn’t matter whether it is up in the cloud or on the local desktop or back office server, they are all vulnerable.

  2. Desire Mclachlan | #2

    Okay, you guys, so I get that the reality may not be nearly as professional, responsible & reliable as I imagined. So I’ll broaden my advice to ALL health IT:

  3. Clementina Bokman | #3

    It seems a bit unstable in terms of security and sustainability. Let us not forget that Yahoo Music folded, leaving people with their DRM-laced music out of luck.Tavis J. Hampton recently posted..AT&T Bandwidth Caps Will Ruin the Internet

  4. Bernie Holloran | #4

    Ichbas answered most of your questions my friend, i’ll just give you some resources for the following:

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