Hitachi Backup – Free 3GB Online Storage

Hitachi Backup clientHello guys, and happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese readers. Talking about online backup storage service. There are really a lot to mention about, such as Dropbox and Ubuntu One. While for some users, they may need more alternatives. It seems that there are more and more PC companies provide their users kind of Cloud backup service, such as ASUS Webstorage and Dell Data Safe Online. Today I would like to introduce another free choice – Hitachi Backup. And via its service, you can get 3GB Online Storage for free.

Hitachi Backup – Free 3GB Online Storage

Register URL:


1) Enter the url above and enter your Email.

2) Click on the “Try it free” Button

3) Wait a second, there will be a download started.

4) The software you are downloading is Hitachi Backup client software.

5) Install the Client and enjoy the 3GB online backup service from Hitachi!

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5 Responses to Hitachi Backup – Free 3GB Online Storage

  1. Greg | #1

    I purchased a Hitachi external drive and rec’d the free cloud backup. Really simple and if you need more cloud storage they only charge $49 for a year (250GB). Great deal – thanks for sharing your find.

  2. Courtney Lumley | #2

    Website Online Backup Review are reporting that this information is incorrect, as they got the following email from Mozy: Mozy supports

  3. Loyce Dunman | #3

    I´m in charge of software reserch and this looks very interesting, where can I dwnload a demo version?

  4. Charissa Hettenhausen | #4

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  5. Finally it out! May 15th! Been waiting for many years

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