How to download files from Xun6 Disk Space

xun6I have tred several online storage service and I find some friends’ resources are uploaded to a provider called Xun6 ,a Taiwan Company , I think . But to English users , they may be confused with it due to the site language of Chinese , So I wrote this Post to tell you how to download from Xun6 Online Disk .

Of course , To download is the main purpose of this Post , if you wanna register its account , it’s out of the range of this post !
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To download it

You may get a download Link first , such as (a dir) OR (a file)

Then I will take DIR link as example ( To download file ? Go Step 2)

Step 1:Go to Dir Page , and select File you wanna download .


Step 2:Go to File Page , and Type in the code it shows , and click “提交” like below


Step 3: wait until button turn into “下載

wait for a moment and it should appear !

But remember : Xun6 has limited the thread of download , so you can only download one file per time !

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