ArchiveClipboard – Archive your Clipboard as its named

Well, its really another long time since I am alive in And I am REALLY sorry for being missed for these couple of days. Since I am back, I would love to share some related topic with you guys. In our daily life, we always deal with Clipboard (i.e. copy, paste or something related). Is that necessary for you to keep your Clipboard up for longer time? It depends, but if you really need so, ArchieveClipboard may help.

ArchiveClipboard – Archive your Clipboard as its named

Official introduction:

Recover your copied Contents even after reboot! Make a copy after another, edit them, merge them and Drag&Drop all of them anywhere! It is free, simple and really fast! Works beautifully under Mac OSX, Windows and Linux! Coming soon, ArchiveCloud Synchronization and iPhone and Android Apps! Have you imagined integrating all of those Clipboards? Pretty cool stuff isn`t it?

The most important tips I have to say is the feature of cross-platform. ArchiveClipboard support Mac, Windows and Linux. And it seems that the Android version is under construction as well. Good Luck 😉

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