Cut Web Page into pieces to your Desktop !

is an App Widget developed by Adobe AIR . If you do not heard about Adobe AIR , we can have a check on its Official Site .

The Adobe® AIR® (Adobe Integrated Runtime) runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that run outside the browser on multiple operating systems.

No matter you are an Ajax developer or a Flash/ Flex developer, you can all use it to enrich your Application.

And so far , there are many Commercial Company using Adobe AIR to benefit themselves , such as eBay and AOL . In short , Adobe AIR makes your work easier and powerful !

As an ordinary user , you can of course , know nothing about AIR Development .But if you refuse to use the App based on it , it will be your own Lost !

Today , I will show you an Funny App called Snippage to let you Capture or Track some snippets from the Web Page To your Desktop ,which will avoid you from staring at your Browser all the time!
It will become more useful in Auction Page , Email and Weather Precasting .

Now see how it works !

1.Install Adobe AIR , Download from adobe here


2.Here goes the Snippage!

Snippage is an Light weight App which can cut some pieces from Webpage and make them sticky in your desktop ! That will be helpful especially for News , Lottery , News and so on .

To use it , download it here , and double click it !



3.To use it , cut your page Now !

We will take Yahoo as an example and I wanna cut its weather place down to my desktop !
That’s all now , see weather in your desktop !

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