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Here I list some Outstanding Freeware . All of them are picked out from dozens of Software . And I will add more in the following days ! All the Link , including download link , we provide are from its Official Site !

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Here is the list !

Alcohol 52%

Emulation software, supports 25 plus languages. Can handle up to 31 virtual CD and DVD-ROM drives, all at once. The reading speed of a virtual CD-ROM is 200X. This means you can play a CD from the virtual CD-ROM with 200X reading speed. Supports normal CD and DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods: RAW reading method enables to emulate all CDs. Version supports Windows 7 and updates SPTD to 1.58.


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  1. Nice! This is twice now i’ve landed on your site in the last 2 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

    • Hi, Thanks for your support. I am now keep on updating my posts now~ but the freeware list page. I have no idea to start, so just keep it. Do you mind telling me which topic are you interested with so that I can concern this?

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