Mac Integration Basics 10.8 Apple Certification Exam

Mac skills remain a highly valued qualification, particularly within the creative services field. Additionally, technicians that are able to work with both Apple Mac and PC devices, as well as those who hold a specialized skill set in integrating Mac with other technologies are more competitive in the job market thanks to their unique areas of expertise.

The Mac Integration Basics 10.8 exam from Apple is designed for professionals who are tasked with integrating Mac computers in small businesses that typically utilize Windows PCs, and potentially even a Windows Server. The exam is also appropriate for anyone who needs to validate their skills and abilities to replace Windows computers with Macs, as well as those who need to provide support and administration of Mac end users.

The exam covers networking services, including directory operations, as well as email, file sharing and printing capabilities, among other topics. Integration, administration, and troubleshooting are additionally among the skills measured by the Mac Integration Basics 10.8 exam.

Candidates must possess prior knowledge of OS X in order to successfully pass this exam. Terminology as well as basic skills with the operating system are necessary for undertaking the Mac Integration Basics 10.8 exam and successfully earning the associated certification, which is an Apple Associate level credential in the Mac Integration discipline.

Apple recommends two training sources for preparing to take the Mac Integration Basics 10.8 exam – the Switch 101 and Mac 101 self study and support guides, which can be found on the Apple support website. You may also want to consider using other exam preparation resources, like the practice tests and tutorials available from providers like, when readying yourself for the Mac Integration Basics 10.8 Apple Certification Exam.


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