My latest travel experience of Chicago

The last time I traveled to Chicago can date back to 2010 for visiting my aunt. And now, I will have another trip to Chicago for business training. In fact, I hate travelling since I have to find a place to rent since I don’t like living in hostel.

I would like to book nearly everything via Internet since I myself am an  IT related person. So if  I can find an online booking service provider, it would be wonderful for me. And the way to find vacation rentals in Chicago will be much difficult. Well, I would rather leave this problem to my partner than resolve myself.

OK, if you have any idea worth sharing with me such as travel tips, I would like to hear from your voice. Thanks!


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  1. Anne Boaldin | #1

    Yeah, I agree, it was an atrocious idea, the name was horrible, it didn’t seem thought out, etc. I don’t think I’d switch from Gamefly to Netflix as far as games go (although I could, if the selection and price were right), but it would be good for Gamefly to have the incentive to decrease prices and turnaround time.

  2. Berniece Anadio | #2

    I have the exact same problem as you Kasper, it’s really annoying. I’ve tried everything to solve it, but found no solutions. It worked before with an older version of Photomatix and the plugin you had to install yourself.

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