Kaspersky Lab Release Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky is never the lightest weight security software , but one of the most powerful ones. In fact, in my view, Kaspersky optimize quite a lot since the version of 2009, which will lossen your system’s burden. As usual , we always know that Kaspersky has two separated edition of products, one is called “Kaspersky Antivirus” and the other “Kaspersky Internet Security” (Of course , there are other enterprise ones existing as well). So , you may be new to Kaspersky PURE. The secret is the new system boost features, much like Norton 360 and McAfee Total Protection.

Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky PURE retains all the features that users of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security have come to know and appreciate, including state-of-the-art ‘sandbox’ technologies that allow suspect applications to be run in a secure virtual environment, proactive detection of unknown threats, application control and restrictions on the level of access that suspicious programs have to passwords, logins, personal information and operating system settings.

Alongside all the other great features of the product designed to make the user feel completely secure, Kaspersky PURE includes a password manager program that can save the user an awful lot of time. This feature will help you to select unique, strong passwords for your email, forum, blog and online bank accounts, and most importantly, it automatically inserts them for you during the login process. It’s even possible to configure the program to launch automatically or manually, whichever you prefer. For example, you can use your mobile phone as your key to the online world; you don’t even have to take it out of your pocket. Once within range of your computer, Kaspersky PURE will detect your phone via Bluetooth and unlock the password database automatically.

In fact , although , Kaspersky Lab announced PURE 20days ago , but I find it still beta version then. However , now the final version coming out. So I think it the time to note you , my users to have a try. Also , I am still running a trial of Kaspersky as a test now. Maybe another review will post latter , if you are a crazy fan of Kaspersky , and wanna have a try, you can download a trial copy here :http://esd.element5.com/pimages/50105/kaspersky_pure_trial.html

Kaspersky PURE is the revolutionary new way to ensure that your PC remains in tip-top condition. Its unique features and functionality have been specially developed to be straightforward for the home user to install and use, while providing exceptional protection:

* Kaspersky PURE has ALL of KIS 2010’s tried and trusted functionality, plus a host of interesting new features
* Full antimalware and anti-spam protection, including cutting-edge Sandbox technology for guaranteed safety Contains enhanced detection technologies!
* My Control Centre allows centralized management of tasks, reports and updates, etc, from any networked PC NEW!
* Password Manager can create, encrypt and store logins, auto-complete forms and has an inbuilt virtual keyboard NEW!
* Advanced Parental Control and monitoring of user’s Internet access, PC and application use and communications Contains unique, additional features!
* File Shredder uses multi-pass technology to make deleted data unrestorable, even with sophisticated software NEW!
* Data Backup & Restore assures your data’s integrity. Set schedules, restore points and select backup media NEW!
* Data Encryption maximizes security. Create, store and transfer data in password-protected, encrypted containers NEW!

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