Will the Kinect sale better than iPad? Tsunoda said yes!

Currently in Japan,  Kudo Tsunoda, the 2010 TGS Microsoft Kinect Program spokesman, said that the sales and development for the Kinect showed full confidence, and before the network for some of the above,  rumors give the answer. First Tsunoda sales for Kinect confident, he said that the book is very strong now Kinect at the end of the performance of the holiday. It performanced very good, and he also took iPad for comparison, he said Kinect performance will exceed iPad on sale.
iPad is well known in the first month on sale for up to one million sales, while sales of the first 3 months of 300 million.

Kinect’s software lineup is to ensure that an important factor in its success, in addition to already announced the sale of 15 works of synchronization, the variety of support Kinect masterpiece also been made available, in the just-concluded tgs Microsoft conference, five Japanese companies have also brought their own new work, including such world-renowned manufacturers Capcom.

Tsunoda said the players strong demand for the game, most players play to a favorite work, you want to play to more work, so they prepared a variety of work for the Kinect, which will let players satisfied .

Before the Internet came to some of the Kinect aspects of space and light, Tsunoda also gives a clear answer. There are rumors that the room before the room is too small will affect Kinect effect, this Tsunoda be a negative, and he said they were the United States, Europe and Japan have carried out the family field test, such as the Japanese families to very good use Kinect, and the impact will not be space; for lack of room light before the problem is also given to illustrate Tsunoda, he said that even if the light is inadequate recognition effect where Kienct still quite good, light effects for the device is extremely limited.

Kinect also very optimistic about the prospects Tsunoda, he said Kinect will be as successful as XBOX Live, XBOX Live start despite not being everyone’s attention, but with the development of these years XBOX360 XBOX Live has become the most successful business. With Kinect continuously developed after the listing, Tsunoda believe Kinect can be the same as the XBOX Live support for the development of an important part of the host.[ad#UnderPost]

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