Best Web Browser Comaprison results 20100224

It is always a hot topic on which is the best Web Browser around the world , and people has been struggling to debate on this for a long time . Nowadays , a new list came out , and the comparison is between IE , Opera , Firefox , Chrome etc.

As you can learn , Google Chrome is always the winner of this kind of game , but since the new version of Opera really wins all on a lot fields , which will also shake the winner place of Chrome .

Step First , Thanks to BetaNews provide this list ( That means it is not my test ;P ) and the original post are in this list

[ad#PostRight]the test can be seen in the following image :

1.Opera rank N.O. 1 in intergrate performance;

2.Chrome didn’t lost much;

3.Chrome , Safari perform great on CSS Rendering (i.e. 15.09 , 14.18) , while Opera not (6.73);

4.Opera and Chrome are good at  SunSpider JS ( i.e. 67.75 , 68.39)

In fact , we can know that NON-IE Core Webrowsers are all play well (no matter on loading speed or User Interact Friendly), But as you can see , there are different factors which will affect our choice on Web Browser .  And Maybe that’s why Most of People choose Mozilla Firefox as the most popular Alternative to IE .

Of cause this post is mainly for Desktop Users . If you are the advanced one and wanna have a detailed review on how this test works , check on this Post !

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