ClouDNS – Another Free DNS for webmasters

DNS is quite importantn part for your domain and website. When people visit your site(s), your DNS will firstly transfering your request and turn domain to an ip so that webbrowsers(ie, firefox,Chrome etc.) can know where to grab your website(s). So a good DNS will help your site(s) gain better speed. While there are dozens of free DNS providers, such as EveryDNS(a Dyndns company now), mydomain, godaddy and so on. But that’s not enjoy for free source seekers ;P. That’s us, aeBeta!
You can visit their office site to register your own account or learn more.

The Office site URL:

ClouDNS will provide following 4 DNS servers, and you can use one of them as your first name server: ( ( ( (

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