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As you can see , I have introduced you many resources on Web Hosting, you may find them in our weekly free Web Hosting list. But as I have mentioned , a true premium one is always better then the free ones. So if you are pretty sure that you need a reliable one , choose the paid plan. Another question is also frequently asked : Do I need a VPS ? Please ignore the different between VPS Hosting and web hosting plan , just consider if you wanna build your own server side service , if so, choose the VPS plan.
I think VPS will always be helpful to those advanced users who may wanna more rights to decide which function should be open to its users , while others are not . You can also build your own web application with more freedom . I don’t wanna waste too much to explain , you have get what you want after reading the above words.

I am also a starter for VPS Hosting. And by now , I was planning to have a test on Color Host , which seems to be a good start . The price is acceptable ,and I find more discount on Web Hosting Coupons as well.

I will contact with its manager to get a demo account and sharing more about VPS Hosting Tips.

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