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Since the 3G Time is moving nearer and nearer , it is necessary for webmasters and bloggers to migrate their Websites and Blogs to Mobile Platform , so that visitors can have a better experience . If you are hosting your website with WordPress , you are lucky ‘coz there are thousands of plugin available to you ! So today I will show you how to make your Worpress cross-platform with a great plugin ! And in this tutorial , you will make people view your site with domain “” in their mobiles ! Cool , isn’t it ?

If you are an old visitor , you may have read this post of mine :


Have you ever seen what your blog looks like on a mobile device? It’s an unnavigable, garbled mess of text and images that nobody finds enjoyable to read. That’s one reason, and it’s probably your biggest reason for finding MoFuse. However we offer a lot more than just presenting your blog on mobile devices, here are some other reasons to mobilize with MoFuse:

1.Go to This Page to register your own Account

2.Create Your Page and edit it :

3.Now you can begin to custom your Domain , as below , click Custom Domain

Enter Your Domain:

4. It means you need to add another DNS record of your domain ! As to me , I need to add a CNAME Record for to

In order to use a custom domain with your MoFuse mobile site you will need to be able to add a CNAME entry into your DNS.

Make a CNAME entry in your DNS and point it to:

You must already own the domain you are trying to use.

Note: It make take up to 48 hours for your DNS to make the changes.

5.You can also change your logo !

6.You need install Mofuse plugin for wordpress ! Search it or find it in this page

7.See how it looks in Mobile Browser !

To Test the Effect , use your phone and visit our Mobile Site :

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