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Tips:How to download a standalone Skype installer (Full version)

Today, I wanna reinstall skype in a Internet-free computer , but I just found that the default version of Skype you can download from official site is meant to be installing with a Internet connection. So I started to dig … Continue reading

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Make Your IE support HTML5 video

Although HTML5 seems to be far away from us , more and more developers and websites are into HTML5 now . I know the most controversial part of HTML5 is its <video> label . As you can learn , Adobe … Continue reading

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Cut Web Page into pieces to your Desktop !

SnipPage is an App Widget developed by Adobe AIR . If you do not heard about Adobe AIR , we can have a check on its Official Site . The Adobe® AIR® (Adobe Integrated Runtime) runtime lets developers use proven … Continue reading

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Add proxy setting for Your IE and Firefox

Most of times , the promotion information from my blog may only aim at some regions only , which means you may need a proxy to get what you want ! To learn more about Proxy , find it in … Continue reading


How to remove the notice of “You are using the trial version” of Kaspersky !

If you have do sas I post in the following link , You must have gained a 6 months Authorization Code of kaspersky Antivirus ,  miss it ? review here: Well , these days , some people asked why … Continue reading

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Protect Your PC with your USB device as a key to lock !

Think about this situation that you are in your business and something just make you break , and you have leave your PC alone for some time … Wanna protect your work or privacy ? Why not add a Password … Continue reading

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Add Exceptions to Avira Antivir’s Guard and Scanner

Avira Antivir is quite a remarkable security software I have used ! However , it may be confused by some risk program you are using  ( They in fact are no danger at all …) and clear them all at … Continue reading


Make Windows 7 and Vista 32-bit (x86) Support More Than 4GB RAM

If you must know , the Windows 7 and Vista with X86 edition can not support 4GB RAM , while Windows 2003 and 2008 with X86 edition can !  In fact the difference lies in the a licensing matter . … Continue reading


Backup and restore your OEM key of Windows Vista

When buying a laptop , for example , it may comes woth an OEM activative key for its preinstalled operating system , such as Windows Vista . As for me the preinstalled Vista is too much trashy , I mean … Continue reading

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Direct download link of Winhlp32.exe for Vista

Since Vista (Windows 6.0), Microsoft has cancelled the program “Winhlp32.exe” ,which is used for reading .hlp files . As you can learn , HLP files are normally the Help Document of software .  So it’s quite inconvinient under Vista , … Continue reading