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Mac Integration Basics 10.8 Apple Certification Exam

Mac skills remain a highly valued qualification, particularly within the creative services field. Additionally, technicians that are able to work with both Apple Mac and PC devices, as well as those who hold a specialized skill set in integrating Mac … Continue reading

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Is an MDM Program necessary?

Since mobile device, especially Smart Mobile phonesn and Tables, are more and more popular all around the world, we do need some software to manage for us. MDM is short for Mobile Device Management, which is a kind of software … Continue reading

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Never forget to keep your Computer Healthy when years went by

Although these days, to someone, they enjoyed their holiday, these are really busy and mess days for me. I am working on solving problems with 3-5 customers who bought PCs from my store. Since years went by, computers will appear … Continue reading

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My latest travel experience of Chicago

The last time I traveled to Chicago can date back to 2010 for visiting my aunt. And now, I will have another trip to Chicago for business training. In fact, I hate travelling since I have to find a place … Continue reading


Dotcom-Monitor – External Website Monitoring Service

Last month is really a harmful month for me and all aebeta readers since we experienced a long down time of aeBeta owing to our server provider’s business. No debt that uptime is really a big deal for webmasters. And … Continue reading

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Just be happy with Santander Consumer US

For a long time, I may need to spend a lot of time on choosing a wise idea on my finance plan. And I really think you may encounter the same thing as me. About last month, I walked though … Continue reading

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Buy Godaddy Deluxe Host with the price of Economy one

Godaddy, as far as you can learn, is the biggest domain registrar around the world. And nearly every month, Godaddy will release some coupons with which you can purchuse domains as cheap as 1 dollar. And this time, I wanna … Continue reading

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Wow, Termite in the house!

OK, this is a daily posts again. And if you wanna know where I have been those days, I am in the house and ask help to deal with the termite stuff. Yeah, some of you will found it cute … Continue reading

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FlameUpload Free mirror upload server for 10+ file hosting

Although I myself am not very clearly aware of why there are so many free file hosting providers, such as rapidshare, MegUpload and hotfile. And unfortunately, not all of they can live as long as above examples. Once a free … Continue reading

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IconNice, another place to download icons and website design template

I can hardly to figure how many resources I have posted on designing, because I myself is a fan of designing. So I would love to gather them and share with your guys. As I have mentioned in the title, … Continue reading