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7 SEO friendly 404 plugin for WordPress

404 error page is quite important for webmasters and bloggers. They will appear when your visitors misspell or browse a deleted URL. So choosing a SEO friendly 404 page will avoid user loss. Luckily , there are dozens of plugins … Continue reading

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Sexy Bookmark Plugin of WordPress error with tr.im

Today , when I write another post via wordpress . I found something error with my CSS when I preview my draft. The Front is wrong , and my logo was placed in a wrong position ! What’s suspected is … Continue reading


Host Your WordPress Blog on Mobile

Since the 3G Time is moving nearer and nearer , it is necessary for webmasters and bloggers to migrate their Websites and Blogs to Mobile Platform , so that visitors can have a better experience . If you are hosting … Continue reading

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Translate your Web Pages into 52 Languages for free

Have You ever try to tranlate your website into several languages so that you can spread your business ? You will benefit from this , and if you’d like you can add one plugin in your site to make this … Continue reading

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Make Your IE support HTML5 video

Although HTML5 seems to be far away from us , more and more developers and websites are into HTML5 now . I know the most controversial part of HTML5 is its <video> label . As you can learn , Adobe … Continue reading

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Plugin to Make Your wordpress serve better with Mobile iphone etc.

I was always seeking for the solution so that my wordpress can look better in my Mobile . As you can see if you open my blog in mobile , you may suffer from quite low loading speed . And … Continue reading