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The data has been restored to 2013

Sorry for everyone. Owing to the hardware failure, the data of aebeta.com has been restored to the year of 2013. A regular update will come back soon in days. Thanks for supporting.

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Driver Magician 3.55 License for free

Driver Magician is one of the most powerful of driver backup and restore software under Windows Operating Systems. Detailed description will be listed below. Unfortunately, as a shareware, you may need pay some bucks as daily use. And after searching … Continue reading


Free ALZip 8.0 License is given away for everyone

Compress files for data backup and restore is more and more common in our daily life. Among all the Zip and Unzip softwares, WinRAR and 7-zip may be the most popular ones. However, since 7-zip is open source software whose … Continue reading


Comodo Time Machine : A System Backup and Restore freeware

As I have mentioned in this post , you may have suffered from spyware, adware and virus etc for quite a long time. But Antivirus or other security suites are helpless for you. So this kind of Backup & restore … Continue reading


Wondershare Time Freeze Give Away For free in Limited Time

In recent years, Antivirus suite has lost its dominated position on protecting users’ PC security. Instead, more and more people choose to a Backup & Restore software to quickly switch between different status point. This idea has been there for … Continue reading

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Find the original URL after it is shortened

When sharing is everything along the social websites, such as Facebook , MySpace , Youtube and Twitter , more and more web providers think about the shorten URL services, but on the oppsite side , what if one day , … Continue reading


Backup and restore your OEM key of Windows Vista

When buying a laptop , for example , it may comes woth an OEM activative key for its preinstalled operating system , such as Windows Vista . As for me the preinstalled Vista is too much trashy , I mean … Continue reading

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