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Celebrate my new Blu Ray Player – SONY BDP-S480

In my old posts, I have given you guys many coupons and options to choose a Blue Ray Software no matter it is a burner toolkit or a Blu ray player (have a search to view all).  But in fact, … Continue reading


Happy Birthday to John and Microsoft Kinect reviews from aeBeta

You may not take it a professional reviews since aeBeta is mainly to provide you guys reviews on software and less hardware is mentioned here… Today, I wanna share something on Kinect from Microsoft because I just bought one and … Continue reading

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ClouDNS – Another Free DNS for webmasters

DNS is quite importantn part for your domain and website. When people visit your site(s), your DNS will firstly transfering your request and turn domain to an ip so that webbrowsers(ie, firefox,Chrome etc.) can know where to grab your website(s). … Continue reading

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Kaspersky Lab Release Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky is never the lightest weight security software , but one of the most powerful ones. In fact, in my view, Kaspersky optimize quite a lot since the version of 2009, which will lossen your system’s burden. As usual , … Continue reading

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