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Join me, an easy-to-use Remote desktop control software

Please remember this first: This post is no relationship with how to h/a/c*k others’ computer! What we are talking about is just to use Remote Desktop Control Tech to make our daily work more convinient. In fact, as you can … Continue reading


Free Youtube Video Convertor and Downloader – Bender Converter

In the earlier days when Youtube first came out , it is really an annoying thing to save your favorite video to local disk. Gratefully, these days, there are more and more Youtube downloaders and converters available now. So of … Continue reading


Are Your ISP Liars or not, Test your Network Speed online

Our ISP is always improve their ability to meet customers’ need. As for users , they will be easily atracted by the speed of accessing to WAN . But if ISP tell us the truth ? OK , You can … Continue reading


Get Quality VPS Hosting from HostColor

As you can see , I have introduced you many resources on Web Hosting, you may find them in our weekly free Web Hosting list. But as I have mentioned , a true premium one is always better then the … Continue reading

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Build your own Website with Flash Tech for free online

I am a crazy fan for Website Building and Promoting. Beside aeBeta , I am still hosting some tiny personal site . But as you can learn , to build a great-looking website is awful to everyone . Maybe that’s … Continue reading


Build your own Linux Distro Edition by simple clicks online!

As you can see , there are dozens of Linux distributions availuable for users . The most famous ones among them will be Ubuntu , Fedora and OpenSUSE . If we can build our own Linux Distro DVD /CD . … Continue reading


Make Robot monitor your Website up and down

It bothers me much about the downtime rate of my host . Once it happened , 500 error will occur ! Although my site has a much limited range of visitors , I still wanna a peaceful place to host … Continue reading

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Make Your IE support HTML5 video

Although HTML5 seems to be far away from us , more and more developers and websites are into HTML5 now . I know the most controversial part of HTML5 is its <video> label . As you can learn , Adobe … Continue reading

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Experiencing Windows 3.1 via your Web Browser

Since Windows 7 Serial Products of Microsoft has won a lot of Public Praise , Some guys , especially Fresh guys still wanna have the experience of Prior edition of Windows , such as Windows 3.1 ! But as you … Continue reading

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Plugin to Make Your wordpress serve better with Mobile iphone etc.

I was always seeking for the solution so that my wordpress can look better in my Mobile . As you can see if you open my blog in mobile , you may suffer from quite low loading speed . And … Continue reading