Get Plants vs. Zombies for free for everyone

stopzombiemouthPlants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular games from POPCap. For Halloween Promotion, PopCap decided to give away free copy of “Plants vs. Zombies” with the help of ADA (American Dental Association) for quite a limited time. Remember to enter/copy the coupon code : PEAH8R before you enter the promo website. Then you will get your download urls from your Email Inbox. Continue reading

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Is an MDM Program necessary?

MDMSince mobile device, especially Smart Mobile phonesn and Tables, are more and more popular all around the world, we do need some software to manage for us. MDM is short for Mobile Device Management, which is a kind of software developed specifically to be used to manage and secure mobile devices. Not only for family users, for commercial users, they can dramatically assist IT in managing corporate owned devices as well as employee purchased mobile equipment. Nowadays, many companies have begun to offer so-called BYOD (short for Bring Your Own Device) purposes Continue reading

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Never forget to keep your Computer Healthy when years went by

Although these days, to someone, they enjoyed their holiday, these are really busy and mess days for me. I am working on solving problems with 3-5 customers who bought PCs from my store. Since years went by, computers will appear many big or small problems. In fact, I think these are all due to the bad habits of PC users.  To those who thought that software problems will never lead your PC crash, all the words I wanna say is SOORY. Continue reading

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Get 25GB BOX.NET storage via registering FetchNote

This is may be the first time for me to introduce Box.NET service public in my blog. But I don’t think it a strange word for you guys. Box.NET is a famous and popular online storage provider available for quite a long time. And by now, I just use two services : one is Dropbox; the other is Box.Net. Well, in this post, I would to share a tip, which will make you get 25GB storage of Box.NET. Continue reading

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Free Anvi Smart Defender for everyone

I think the most popular part of aeBeta should be the topic of Free Antivirus GivaAway. So today, I would like to share another promo info with you guys. Anvi Smart Defender is a light weight virus scan engine. And it seems to be a good choice to be a partner with your real Antivirus software such as McAfee or Norton. I am not that familiar with this software but it seems that there is a promo happening in its official site which can make you enjoy a free copy of its pro version. Continue reading

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ArchiveClipboard – Archive your Clipboard as its named

Well, its really another long time since I am alive in And I am REALLY sorry for being missed for these couple of days. Since I am back, I would love to share some related topic with you guys. In our daily life, we always deal with Clipboard (i.e. copy, paste or something related). Is that necessary for you to keep your Clipboard up for longer time? It depends, but if you really need so, ArchieveClipboard may help. Continue reading

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PDFConverter a free online PDF converter tool

PDFConverterI really wrote quite a lot about PDF related stuff (Feel free to have a search, click here). is a free online toolkit which will allow you to convert PDF to Word, Excel ,and Powerpoint. Furthermore, you can create a PDF from any kinds of your files. Continue reading

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NetSpeedMonitor – Show your active network in the Windows Taskbar

NetSpeedMonitor is just a light weight network moniter tool which will show you with your current active network connection details such as uploading (Short for U.) and Downloading (D.). Although it is not a big deal to do this, it still can accellerate your work via showing these data in your Windows’ Taskbar (Yes, Winodws is the only platform that  NetSpeedMonitor supports.) Continue reading


10 WinX DVD Copy Pro Licenses Giving away to aeBeta Readers

WinX DVD Copy ProHello guys, it seems to be a long time break for me. And I am just informing you that I am back right now. Since Easter Day is coming, and my inbox is filled with all kinds of promotions from software providers, I would like to share some with some freebies as a gift from aeBeta as well. I have just received the Email from Angie, and 10 WinX DVD Copy Pro licenses are available to aebeta readers. I prefer to open them to public so that you can access them freely rather than to compete for this. So… if you wanna one, keep your eye open to the following content. Continue reading

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TopDN: another free DNS alternative

TopDNIf you have a domain, you have to setup your DNS zone so that it can finally make your visitors see your web with domain names rather than ip address. Mostly, your domain registar may provide you with free Nameservers, like Godaddy and NameCheap. But in fact, the default name servers are not as steadily as it seems to be. So we may need 3rd DNS provide to provide more reliable service. And indeed, you have several choice, such as He.Net and NameCheap DNS. Today, I would like to share another free alternative with you guys. Continue reading

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