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Only $169, HP finally introduces Android tablet

You may still remember about what happened to HP when it introduce its own WebOS Tablet. Nowadays, after dabbling in the tablet space with Windows and ill-fated webOS models over the past few years, HP is finally launching its first … Continue reading

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AVG Mobilation Pro for Android Free for limited time

According to the latest research on the security of Smart Phones, 76% attacks are targeted to Android Platform. So The security problem is more and more important for common users since there are really a lot of info on privacy … Continue reading


Get Wondershare MobileGo license for free for everyone

I have nothing to write on how popular the Android is on Mobile phone market. And I myself is one of the Android users. In fact, more and more Android manage software will be there for end users to choose … Continue reading


5 Sites Free To Search & Download Free Mobile Apps

Nowadays, more and more people are using Smart phones. Movever, there appears more mobile platforms , from iOS to Android, from Symbian to Blackberry. Since we are spending more time on the using of Mobile App. We need search engines … Continue reading

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Sothink Video Converter Licenses giving away for free

There are dozens of Video Converting solution now, among them, Media Coder is the most famous one of Open Source and free Solutions . And also , as more and more advanced our PDA,MP4,iphone,PSP have developed , we need more … Continue reading

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Host Your WordPress Blog on Mobile

Since the 3G Time is moving nearer and nearer , it is necessary for webmasters and bloggers to migrate their Websites and Blogs to Mobile Platform , so that visitors can have a better experience . If you are hosting … Continue reading

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Plugin to Make Your wordpress serve better with Mobile iphone etc.

I was always seeking for the solution so that my wordpress can look better in my Mobile . As you can see if you open my blog in mobile , you may suffer from quite low loading speed . And … Continue reading