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UMPlayer – open source powerful media player

I am now working under cross-platform, i.e. Windows 7 and OpenSUSE, a Linux distributtion. I  can say nothing but love to Linux especially when I coding on it. However, I have to admit that entertainment is really not that good … Continue reading


Free Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal For everyone

I have been preparing for my postgraduate interview these days , so I am missed. But now I am back again. And I will continue to introduce you more valuable resources . Today , Paragon Manager 9.5 Personal is given … Continue reading


Build your own Linux Distro Edition by simple clicks online!

As you can see , there are dozens of Linux distributions availuable for users . The most famous ones among them will be Ubuntu , Fedora and OpenSUSE . If we can build our own Linux Distro DVD /CD . … Continue reading


Ubuntu 9.10 has been released

I will be glad to hear that  “it’s not news any more !” comes out from your mouth when You see my title  . Maybe I have posted too much about how to get an security software for free in  … Continue reading

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How to install Fedora 11 using your USB device ?

Just yesterday , Fedora project just released the newest version of  Fedora —Fedora 11 ! Although I think Linux is really a wonderful stuff , but if you wanna install it as the new version comes out , you may … Continue reading

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How to burn a .ISO file of Linux to Disc correctly

I don’t think it a complex thing to burn normal data disc for you if your burner and its driver have been setup correctly. today, I will tell you something about how to burn/record a .iso file to a disc … Continue reading

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